Paragon Bamboo - Quality bamboo bed linen, towels, & robes


All our bamboo products offer the following benefits of this natural wonder:
  • Naturally anti static, anti fungal and anti microbial.
  • Bamboo naturally inhibits bacterial growth, ensuring that products do not take on musty or damp odours that are the result of microbial activity.
  • Bamboo is repellant to dust mites , excellent if you are a sufferer of Eczema or Asthma.
Our range of bedding wicks away moisture very quickly, unlike cotton that will absorb it. This helps aid a good nights sleep, especially if you suffer from overheating (night sweats) during the night. Highly recommended for users of memory foam mattresses to reduce the over heating effect. Once you have tried bamboo products it is very unlikely you will go back to cotton, or man made fibres again.